29 September 2020:
300 years of

On September 29th, Bruno-Eugène Borie, acting as master of ceremonies, along with the entire Château Ducru-Beaucaillou team, had the immense privilege and pleasure of giving thanks to Saint-Julien and to the majestic history of Château Ducru-Beaucaillou; the 300-year-old château that has surveyed every generation of great families that have succeeded one another, and have presided or still preside over its destiny with passion and dedication and with an appreciation for detail and perfection, since the founding date of 30 May 1720.


Prepared with enthusiasm over many months, the anniversary etched in stone for eternity the highlights that have marked the life of Château Ducru-Beaucaillou, and offered  (in digital to respect Covid-19 measures) on the web a total immersion in this unique, magical place. As a masterful nod to the 18th century and to the prestige of the Age of Enlightenment, historical scenes were reconstructed like living works of art, such as the traditional grape harvest (as it was done in 1720, with mules, horses, riders, complete with period costumes and tools), or the grape pickers’ meal around the ‘poule au pot’ so dear to the good King Henri IV. These scenes were shared internationally with three live broadcasts hosted by Bruno-Eugène Borie, enabling our global community to bear witness to this vibrant echo of the past..


Through this historical tribute, Bruno-Eugène Borie affirmed that the property owes an enormous amount to women. 

With Marie Dejean (who brought the property as a dowry), the daughter of Bertrand Ducru who sold it to Madame Dassier Johnston... the Princess Caradja, Mary Butler de Burke and finally Marie Monique Rochette Borie, the “Dame de Beaucaillou” still at the side of her son, Bruno, this tercentenary is composed with a distinctly feminine note. 

The anniversary also honoured three great heroines of modern times: our muse, la grande Estrella Léa Vicens, radiant equestrian champion with an unmatched record as a five time European champion (who honored us with her radiant presence and her superb and unforgettable top equestrian performances), Héloïse Mas, a great mezzo-soprano singer and sensual actress (who portrayed Carmen to perfection), and the talented chef Clémentine Coussau of the famous two-star Michelin restaurant Relais de la Poste in Magescq (who with inspiration from the Landes, revisited the V.G.E. soup of Paul Bocuse and the Oreiller de la Belle Aurore of Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin with perfect execution), each illuminated this unforgettable day with enthusiasm, showing guests the most beautiful expression of their respective arts.
Finally, the celebration ended with a majestic finale: the vocal blessing of the brilliant Héloïse Mas accompanied by an awe-inspiring firework display in the château park, inscribing Ducru-Beaucaillou in a timeless moment, etched for eternity the history of this great property.


Historical reconstruction of the 1720 harvest

“Happy Birthday to you” by Héloïse Mas

Equestrian demonstration by Léa Vicens

300-year firework display

Interview with Léa Vicens, horsewoman, five-time European champion

Interview with Bruno-Eugène Borie

Interview with Héloïse MAS, mezzo-soprano

Interview with Clémentine Coussau, chef


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