Ducru-Beaucaillou, three hundred years of inspiration
This epic saga begins in the Age of Enlightenment. The death of Louis XIV gives rise to the Regency. It is an era of progress and humanism.
On 30 May 1720, in the church of Saint-Julien de Reignac, the King’s Equerry, Jacques de Bergeron, Counsellor in the Bordeaux Parliament, took as his wife the graceful Marie Dejean, heiress of the vineyard.
Ducru-Beaucaillou delivers up its memories...

30 Mai 1720
A companion to the vineyards, their protector and moderator,

The immense and impassive river watches over the centuries.

The marriage was celebrated in the church of Saint Julien de Reignac,

placed under the patronage of Saint Julian the Hospitaller.

Jean Lalanne, the parish priest, blessed the wedding.

Vows were exchanged, the register signed. Moncaillou, so named at the time, was part of the dowry.

The first alliance in a history full of princesses,

aristocrats of the great courts of Europe, scientists, merchants, lawyers...

Smell this past, drink it in small sips...

This first chapter closes…

Thus begins the fabulous epic of Ducru-Beaucaillou.
A story of men and women, devoted owners, meticulous winegrowers, hard workers... all refined aesthetes and confirmed hedonists.

300 years of inspiration, 300 years of emotion, 300 years to share...
To be continued...



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